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Welcome to the Texas Forts Trail, a part of the Texas Travel Trails Program. The Texas Forts Trail is located in West Central Texas and encompasses 25 counties that are along, within or directly adjacent to the actual trail. The trail features eight historic forts, one Spanish Presidio and numerous other historic and cultural attractions.
The Texas Historical Commission's (THC) regional heritage tourism initiative, the Texas Travel Trails Program, has been designed to enhance the region's economy by stimulating visitorship to cultural and historic attractions as well as raise awareness of the value of historic preservation. The program utilizes 10 scenic driving routes based on the original travel trails system developed by the Texas Department of Transportation in 1968.


The X Bar Ranch, located near Eldorado, is in the southwest corner of the trail and provides for a perfect stop in your trip. You can experience our West Texas culture and heritage by visiting our five-generation family ranch. We will be happy to lodge. you in one of our houses or cabins, and be ready to enjoy any of a number of outdoor activities. You can also spend the night under the stars in the camping area.

This map is courtesy of the Texas 
Historical Commission. X Bar Ranch 
Location noted by red X

While in Eldorado don't miss your chance to visit the Historic Eldorado Woolen Mill as well as the Old Jail, Museum and Main Street.
Through a partnership, the THC has re-implemented the Texas Travel Trails Program in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Commission on the Arts, and Texas Economic Development. The system is comprised of 10 travel trails across the state, of which the THC plans to re-introduce each. The Texas Forts Trails is a pilot project for the whole trails program.
Questions and concerns should be directed to the San Angelo Convention and Visitors Bureau (800-375-1206) or the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau (800-727-7704) or visit the Texas Forts Trail web site at: or the Texas Historical Commission web site at: